Hi there,

I guess what brought you here is that you like strawberries, and who doesn't? So let me tell you my and my other strawberry-mates story.

At Strawberry Hills we all enjoy a unique growing journey. They grow us in growing bags, these bags are laying on high benches where we are all far away from being burried in the ground soil "isn't it cool?". Despite being the traditional way where lot of my other colleagues were grown, however lot of them suffered various environmental conditions affected their healthy maturity. Stories of extreme heat conditions, frost, weeds, worms, rains, imbalance and inconsistency in watering and fertilizing...etc are examples to what they have faced throughout their ground growing journey. The lucky strawberries had survived while many others unfortunately couldn't make it through. 

We never witnessed any of these extreme experiences as we are covered by big high tunnels protecting us from such unfavorable challenges. Thus we spent most of our times here in the farm focusing on keeping our sweetness, shape and quality up to your best expectations.

The way they feed and water us makes it so easy for us to keep our quality consistency and increase our productivity.

Each one of us gets the same amount of water and fertilizers so that we all remain equally treated and pampered. 

Guess what else they do? They get us bee hives so that to ensure maximum blossom pollination hence more productivity and more strawberry-mates.

When its too hot outside they uncover the plastic to allow more ventilation, and when its getting cool they roll down the plastic covers to keep us warm.

We are also so proud of being local, spoiled by local fantastic workers, whom in return enjoy taking care of us as we never ask them to kneel or bend to reach us. We are always at their reachable level and this is enough reason to make them love us more and more.

Once we are picked, our awesome pickers take us to the In-site cold storage to keep us cool. Same thing happens when they take us to the market place, they drive us in air-cooled vehichles to keep us fresh all the way till we reach you or the display shelves at our partner sellers' stores.


It is a fact that we really enjoy being raised up at Strawberry Hills farms. Those guys are really caring and they love us. In return we work hard on ourselves to bring you the sweetest fresh local strawberries you can ever get.