Strawberry Hills is owned, managed and operated by Soft Fruit Business Park Inc.

Our strawberries are grown locally in grow bags laying on raised benches under high tunnels using state of the art automated computer-controlled drip fertigation system (irrigation and fertilization).

This way of growing is tightly controlled and sustainable to produce flavorsome (and they are really sweet), good looking, biologically friendly and well-nourished strawberries.

Our strawberry growing season is extended as we use the "ever-bearing types". So you gonna see us around probably towards the end of the spring.


While our growing concept applies advanced technology in most farming aspects, it still employs decent number of local employees who work in a better work-environment and don't have to bend or kneel during their work.


Our strawberries are protected from environmental stresses, such as rain, wind, drought, snow, hail, and temperature extremes. Consequently, harvesting and hence supply are much more predictable compared to theses grown in open fields.


Our current capacity is 7 Acres of 30 high tunnels planted with 170,000 ever-bearing strawberry plants. We are expanding and growing our operations to get doubled by the next year.


Strawberry Hills farms are located in the picturesque Green Oaks community of Nova Scotia, between the Provinces’ two agricultural centers of the Annapolis Valley and Truro. Green Oaks is one hour’s drive from downtown Halifax, 35 minutes from its international airport, 30 minutes from our partner’s IQF processing plant (under construction) at Elmsdale Business

Park and only 10 minutes from Highway 102 heading to either Halifax or to New Brunswickand Quebec.

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