Growing Concept

Our strawberries ​are grown in grow bags sitting on raised growing tables and all laying under high tunnels. The state-of-the art fertigation system is ensuring all plants are getting thier exact needs from water and nutrients equally. This is why our strawberries are enjoying a considerable level of uniformity in taste, shape and size.

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High Tunnels


Growing under high tunnels gives our strawberries the advantages of:​


  • Premium Quality.

  • Predictable Delivery

  • Extend the growing season and to intensify production

  • Weather Protection.

  • Labor efficiency.

  • Environmental Control.

  • Reduced incidence of Plants Diseases.

  • Increased Yield Production of Class One Fruit.

Fertigation System

The word fertigation relays to the dual functionality of the system that provides the plants with their exact needs from water and fertilizers through the drip irrigation module.

The plants get the right amount of nutrients every time and with usage of their full line of injectors, the process can be automated to create finetuned, multi-nutritional mixes with repeatable results, every time!

This control system can be monitored and adjusted on or off site.

The system utilizes up to eight different nutrients, additives, or supplements, plus a pH adjuster for a perfect, well-blended solution.

Raised Growing Benches & Grow Bags

There are big advantages to growing strawberries in this way as there is no need to worry about soil borne diseases (which can particularly affect strawberries) or pests such as snails and slugs.

Also it allows plant more plants for a given area and planting, watering, feeding and picking is so much easier. Additionally for the less able this method of cultivation becomes doesn’t involve backbreaking bending.